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The Ngwenya section of the Myeni, now under their Chief Mdolomba, stayed by the enGwavuma River under the patronage of Zondiwe`s brother Msuduka.

Both sections of the tribe remained where they were in relative peace and harmony for around 25 years. Then the Ngwenya`s were once again driven out of their land, and in desperation turned to the reigning Zulu King, Mpande for help.

Sometime around 1850-60 Mpande allocated them a section of land not far from the lower Mfolozi River which was named Mdolomba - kwaMdolomba.

Mpande, half brother to Dingane and Shaka, was the father of Cetshwayo, and reigned 1840-72. 

Mdolombawas eventually succeeded by Sidadla, and he by Mmemezi.


Soon after the Zulu war, Mmemezi fled with his wife and infant son, Madlaka.

We do not know why he fled, but in 1882 he was captured in MngomeZululand and killed

on the orders of the local Chief Mbikiza. His wife and child survived, and eventually, on reaching maturity his son Madlaka rejoined the tribe and resumed the Chieftanship.


On the Ntsinde side of the tribe, Vuma was succeeded by Sipike.

Sipike, like Duma before him, was not happy where he was at eTshaneni mount and left the tribe to travel to Swaziland. After some time there, he again became dissatisfied and pleaded with the Chief of the Mngomezulu to allow him to stay again on the land by the enGwavuma river. This request was granted and Sipike eventually died and was buried there.

During his time away from the tribe they were left in the charge of Mlangazi, son of Lundini and brother to Vuma.  

On the death of Sipike, Mkakwa succeeded as Chief of the Myeni. He died in 1905and was succeeded by Nkunzi.

On the death of Nkunzi, 14th July 1941 the Chieftanship passed to the present day (2009) Chief - Silwane Ernest Myeni. (who`s mother was MaDlamini- a royal Princess)