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We did all of these.


We found that in every case the birth places corresponded, as did names of children. The childrens ages were close enough.




We agreed that Susan was the diminutive of Susannah, and our source differences about this name could probably be discounted.


On checking with other researchers we identified Susannah to be a Susannah Savager, daughter of John Savager and born in Doddenham. From a marriage certificate in our contacts possession we were told that Susannah had married Richard Bullock on the 7th May 1854 in Martley, and that Richard's father was also a Richard - Richard H. Bullock.




We deduced that Richard's first wife Ann had died at some time between 1851 and 1854. We found that three of Richard and Ann's children in the 1851 census appeared with Richard and Susannah in the 1861 census.




James aged 5 in 1851 - 16 in 1861


Jane aged 2 in 1851 - 14 in 1861


Emily aged 7 months in 1851 - 11 in 1861




We are therefore confident that Richard was indeed the father of William.


We know that he was born in Lulsley, the other side of the river to Knightwick, and was christened on January 8th 1815.


And we now had a source of information about Richard's father.


With the help of our contacts we were able to confirm that Richard H. was indeed Richard Henry Bullock, born around 1790, although at this time we have not identified his wife.


We were also able to identify Richard and Mary Bullock as the parents of Richard Henry, and that they were born around 1765.




Without access to Parish records we would be unable to go back any further.