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In tracing my mother and her parents, I had managed to change a six year old childs fleeting memory into someone tangible. I had the evidence in front of me ; my mother had been born, had brothers and sisters, had lived almost 30 years, then married and had two children before dying at the age of 37.

The dream had become flesh and blood.

She was now a real person to me.


And in so doing, we had traced her parents, William Richard and Emily Bullock, and we had links back to William's parents from the census information we had uncovered.

The father of William was Richard Bullock. No surprise there, sometimes children tended to take the fathers name as a middle name.

We uncovered the following evidence for Richard Bullock - he would be my maternal 2G Grandfather.

  • 1891 census - Richard Bullock aged 76 with wife Susan, aged 59, living on their own at Horsham, a small village 1.5 miles south of Martley.

  • 1881 census - Richard Bullock aged 68 and wife Susan aged 49, with five of their children, living in Martley with son William and Elizabeth Griffiths, who was to become William's first wife.

  • 1871 census - Richard Bullock aged 56 and wife Susannah aged 41, living in Hipplecut Green, Collins Green, Martley with son William and four other children.

  • 1861 census - Richard Bullock aged 44 with wife Susan aged 30, living at Horsham with six children from aged 16 down to aged 2. Son William was age 5.

  • 1851 census - Richard Bullock aged 34 with wife ANN aged 44 living at Ankerdine Hill, just outside Knightwick. They have with them five children, three of whom appeared with the correct names and approximate ages in the 1861 census with wife SUSAN.

  • 1841 census - Richard Bullock aged 25 with wife Ann aged 35, and one 7 month old child. All living at "The Leap", known to be Devils Leap, in Doddenham, a small parish associated with Knightwick.