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The details on the marriage certificate  of William and Emily concurred with those on the birth certificate for Edith Fanny Bullock.

William Richard Bullock and Emily Agnes Jones were her parents, and had been married on May 18th 1896, some 5 years earlier.


We concluded from all the evidence that William Richard Bullock had been married twice. First to Elizabeth Griffiths, probably around 1882 after the birth of their first child Alice.

Some time after 1891, and before 1896 we conclude that Elizabeth died.

William then married Emily Agnes Jones in 1896, and Herbert (Bertie) who was then 6 years old went to live with them.


But how do we explain that on Williams wedding certificate, and on Edith Fanny's birth certificate, he is William Richard, but on Edith Fanny's marriage certificate he is William Henry?


Not having seen the original certificate, or register entry, but only having a "Certified Copy" of Edith Fanny's marriage certificate we do not know for absolute certainty, but my best guess is that one of two possible mistakes occurred.

Either the original entry into the register is incorrect, someone writing names in the register mistakenly writes "Henry" for both parents middle name. i.e. Thomas "HENRY" Eades and William "HENRY" Bullock, or the same mistake occurred when the person transcribing our copy, in 2006, made that mistake when transcribing.


It is inconceivable that Edith Fanny made the mistake. She would know her fathers name with certainty; and that was William Richard Bullock.