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You read in earlier pages the fascinating story about how James's third wife was to some extent forced on him by Chief Mkakwa of the Myeni Zulu tribe, near Ubombo.

After the marriage Princess Chithekile went to live with James Michael at his homestead near N'gome. She developed a liking for the brand of tea that was very popular at that time - "Joko" tea - and the locals fondly nicknamed the Princess "Gogo Joko"


Our handwritten document on page 5 of "Researching our Family History" lists nine children from this marriage, from Louisa Christina down to Phoebe Sarah.

And one of those children was Walter Sydney Rorke, born April 1887, and we know that this man was Daphne's maternal grandfather.




In her wonderful site about her family ancestry, April Blakely gave us an insight into the ancient O'Rourke clan, of which the spelling Rorke is one variant.

This particular Rorke coat-of-arms was researched by Thelma Rorke in the early 70's.

Unlike English Heraldry, where the right to bear heraldic insignia is by primogeniture only, the Gaelic custom of displaying arms is awarded to any member of the ancient Gaelic lineage.