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Back home in Turkey we pondered our next step.

We concluded that without family help it would be difficult, if not impossible, to get very far with researching the Eades or Bullock families.

I contacted my brothers and sister with pleas to unearth any documents or photographs they may have, and to share with me as many of their memories that they could.

We also concluded that the Rorke family must be well known, if not "famous" outside of South Africa, knowing the historic battle that was fought at Rorkes Drift between thousands of Zulu warriors and about 140 British soldiers.

A well know film had been made starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, and a debut for a very young Michael Caine.

Somewhere, someone who was a "Rorke" must have already carried out the research that was now facing us.


I began searching the Internet web sites and it was not very long before I found what we were looking for.

Searching on "Rorke" we found a site called........... A Rorke Family Research Project

Unfortunately this site no longer exists

This was an excellent site, designed and put together by April Blakely, another descendant of the Rorke family who had this compulsive drive to discover if the rumours were true. Did her family, and she is in America..... did her family leap frog to America from South Africa, after first emigrating there in 1823? 

Well - she found the answer she was looking for and located her ancestral home in Clontuskert, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland.

But was there anything in the site that would link Daphne to the same origins?