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My name is:

Anthony Thomas Eades.

I was born in the Midlands of England, in the glass making town of Stourbridge in 1939, second son to Roland Frank and Edith Fanny Eades, my elder brother Raymond preceding me by twenty months.

I have found many variations in the surname, including: EADS, EDES, EAD, EADE and EDE.Some historians say that the name has pre Norman, Anglo Saxon origins in the Midlands area around Bromsgrove, and that the old English meaning of EDE or EAD meant to have abundant riches.

Other historians argue that the name has its origins in the early use of nicknames from the diminutive form of Anglo Saxon personal or baptismal names such as: EADWEARD, EADGAR, EADMUND, EADWINE and EADGYTH.