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My mother died in April 1946 from tuberculosis, and was buried at the Stourbridge crematorium and cemetery.


My father re-married in late 1947, to Clarice Ellen CONDLYFFE, there being two children, a daughter Amelia in September 1948, and a son John in April 1952.


I was educated in Stourbridge, the primary and junior schools being situated in Enville Street where we lived. For my senior education I had won a scholarship to join my brother at King Edward VI grammar school, about one mile from our home.


After leaving school in 1956 I began my working life as an engineering apprentice with Richard Thomas and Baldwins, who later became British Steel. I left British Steel in 1972 to work for a machine tool and process line company, Bronx Engineering. This move would, in the future, play a part in my emigrating to South Africa.


I married Margaret Grace HEAPS in 1962, there being four children from our marriage, Simon in March 1963, Judith in July 1964, Anne in August 1965 and Theresa in November 1966. The family moved to the village of Wombourne, near Wolverhampton in 1973.


I left my family and emigrated to South Africa in October 1980 to work for a newly developed steel processing company in Natal. At the end of 1982 I initiated divorce proceedings in Durban, the final decree being issued in June 1983.


I met my wife Daphne that same year, and we eventually married in October 1986. Her full name was Daphne Adeline Rose GREEN.


Her father was Herbert Cecil GREEN and her mother was Maggie Lily RORKE.