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James Harter Green


James Harter Green was born in July 1830, in the Manchester region of England. He was the second son of Samuel and Mary Green, and younger brother of Charles E. A. Green.

On the advice of Charles, James emigrated to Natal, arriving with his wife and daughter on the 25th November 1857 aboard the "Rydal"

James Green's wife was Ellen Morton (April 1829 - 23rd April 1895) and their daughter, Marion Theresa, was born in England in 1853.

James originally settled on the farm "New Garrett", on the Umtwalume river, but sold this on 31st May 1859 to a Mr. J. J. Jackson.

James then settled at Plessis Laager, near Pietermaritzburg on the property "Harewood".

James was drowned when he fell off his horse whilst crossing a stream near Edendale Mission Station, and was buried on 23rd October 1859