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James Michael's third marriage was to some extent forced on him.

He had been asked by the Chief of the Myeni Tribe of Ubombo to rescue his son who had been kidnapped by members of a rival tribe in Swaziland.

James had been successful in this mission, and as a reward the Chief had offered his eldest daughter, a "Princess of the Royal Kraal of the Myeni" in marriage.

James could not refuse without a major insult to the Chief, who would then become his sworn enemy. So, a Royal wedding took place, and the Princess Chithekile (meaning "one who runs away"), as she became known, moved to nearby N'gome, to stay with James on his homestead.

The 9 children listed on our handwritten document, from Louisa Christina down to Phoebe Sarah, were born from this union.


Meanwhile we had come to a dead stop in researching Daphne's fathers side of the family, the Green's.


We had documents confirming that Daphne's father, Herbert Cecil, was the son of Benjamin Green and Adeline Pat Ogle.

Adeline was the daughter of Benjamin Ogle and Elizabeth Fynn; Benjamin Green was the son of Charles Edmund Andrew Green and a Zulu maiden known as Jamati (Sarah) M'Khize.

And that was as far as we could go. Daphne's paternal Grandparents, born around the 1880's, and her great Grandfather, born we knew not where or when.


We left for England knowing that we had established links between Daphne and the pioneering Rorke, Nunn, Fynn, Ogle, and Dunn families of Natal.

And we were tanatlisingly close to that link to Ireland.